The Opening Joint Staff Training Event has been a success!

Program Joint Staff Training Event 19-23 October 2020 Presentations and handouts available from November


During the week from 19 to 23 October 2020, the “Opening Join Staff Training Event”, originally planned as a face-to- face event , took place online as a synchronous training activity, due to the problems for travelling abroad following the Covid-19 pandemic.

Lectures have been organized and implemented with morning and afternoon sessions and all of them have been be jointly attended by 21 representatives of the project partners:

  • 4 representaives from each of the three partners schools: IPSSEOASC Assisi , ESHOB and Colegiul Economic “Gheorghe Dragos”;
  • 4 representatives from ENAT;
  • 2 representatives from Incipit and 2 from Wattajob;
  • 1 representative of Consorzio Itaca

IPSSEOASC Assisi was the leading organization and the classes have been given by internal staff of the partners of the project: Incipit, ENAT, Wattajob and Consorzio Itaca.

This training event has given the opportunity to participant teachers and internal staff to better understand and learn more about Accessible Tourism/Tourism for all.

Four Modules have been deeply analysed and discussed by Incipit and ENAT:

  1. Accessible Tourism/Tourism for All, its history and the business case;
  2. The Access requirements of Touristss and Customer Care;
  3. The Accessibility Assessment;
  4. Information and communication

Moreover, the last day Wattajob has better defined the concepts of Edutainment, game-based learning and storytelling and the 2nd version of the improved Game-based Web App has been presented.

Consorzio Itaca, instead, has described the procedures and arrangements the partners will implement in order to prepare and organize students’ exchange mobilities abroad, in particular the Europass tool and the ECVET process.

At the end of the Joint Staff Training Event, IPSSEOASC Assisi, as leading partner and the “hosting” organization, has delivered to the participants a signed declaration specifying the name of the participant, the purpose of the activity and the start and end date of the activity.

The event has been a success, the participants have really appreciated the presentations and their contents.

Power Point presentations and handouts of the lectures will be available from November on this site, within the “Training” section.