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Game-based APP on accessible tourism section
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The Web App is an innovative training tool based on a game-based and immersive approach and designed to balance contents with gameplay.

The app consists of 4 missions, where learners learn while playing a selected game or simulation. Interactivity and typical game elements improve the learner’s engagement and also provide a safe environment where users can experience life-like situations and even make wrong decisions, without risking the negative consequences as in the real world.


To use the mobile web app on a PC, you simply have to visit the URL and navigate it like a standard website

To download the mobile web app on your smartphone or tablet, visit the using a browser on your mobile device and:

  • after a few seconds, a small banner will appear at the bottom of the screen showing the words “Add GWBapp to Home screen” -> Press the banner.
  • on some phone models, and depending on the browser in use, the banner may not appear, but do not worry! In this case, go to the menu of the browser you are using and select the “Add to Home screen” item.
  • An icon will appear on the display of your device, from which you can recall the app just like the ones you download from the traditional app stores.